Police-themed artwork & custom design



Muzzle-Flash offers a unique selection of police-themed original artwork and fully custom design work direct from artist Julie R. Based in Norman, Oklahoma, she is equally passionate about both beautiful visual media and the work of law enforcement.


Muzzle-Flash's goal is to provide quality designs to law enforcements agencies, officers, and supporters worldwide. Our products always make great gifts for special occasions like retirements and commemorations.


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"I cannot stress enough what a pleasure it was to work with you. Your communication and professionalism are remarkable and your talent certainly speaks for itself. The results are in the product, plain for all to see."


— Sergeant P.G., NYPD


"Julie has done outstanding work for the department... All her work with us, including photos, film, art work, and computer assistance, she has provided with enthusiasm, kindness, and grace.  She is a wonderful person, who has extraordinary talent and a great capacity for hard work."


— Captain T. E., Norman Police Department

Norman, OK USA


"Julie has completed some highly respected work for London's  Metropolitan Police Historic Vehicle Collection (MPHVC), which I part ran as well as my 'day job' of Fatal Collision Investigation Officer; as well as other works including some for the City of London Police.


It is rare that an 'outsider' would be allowed such access, but such was the quality of the work shown by Julie, and her attendant knowledge and interest in the service, that it was subsequently approved at high level, with the resulting work bearing fine testimony to her skills.


Her works are of the very highest standard and are far beyond such attempts at PR/Advertising as witnessed by myself over a 30-year period of service as a police officer."


— Constable M.R.A., London Metropolitan Police (Ret)

London, UK


"Julie it has been a pleasure working with you on our collaborative projects. Your work is outstanding and we look forward to creating many more fantastic designs with you."


— Barry







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